The BRAL 5-axis gantry-type machining centre with two controlled motors in X axis is designed for surface and shape milling and drilling. It is designed above all for machining big profiles from Al alloys (3 - 30 m) for transport equipment and for machining profiles for the structures of modern buildings and halls.

Technical parameters

X Axis [mm] 3 000-30 000
Y Axis [mm] 1 500, 2 200, 2 500
Z Axis [mm] 700, 1 100, 1 500
Max. speed XYZ [m/min] 60/30/30
Spindle output [kW] 12-25
Torque [Nm] 15,3-32
Tool holder HSK F63, HSK A63
Control system Siemens, Heidenhain
Positioning accuracy XYZ [mm/m] ±0,02 (0,035)
Repeatability [mm/m] ±0,01 (0,015)

Fields of application

HH TS460
HH TS460

Probes, measurement and alignment

The machine can be delivered with a tool probe and a setting probe. The probes standardly offer a lot of preset cycles for automatic setting of the work piece after its clamping, setting of the machining origin, reference point, tool measuring, and final measurement of the finished part.





Sliding beams

Sliding beams serve for operational clamping of blanks and their move in the working part of the machine. They can be supplemented with hand or pneumatic clamps or other clamping fixtures as required.



BRAL - výměník nástrojů_1
BRAL - výměník nástrojů_1

Rotary plate tool changer

Tool changer for 12 tools is located outside the working space of the machine. For machining of dust-producing material, we deliver full cover of the tool changer. The BRAL PLUS version offers the possibility of installation of a 540 mm diameter saw.



BRAL - modulární konstrukce_1
BRAL - modulární konstrukce_1

Modular design

Modular design makes it possible to specify a machine suitable for given type of production. Its universality, technical parameters, ample accessories and equipment make it possible to cover a wide spectrum of production and to adapt the machine to other product type very quickly.