BRATR 8030 HIGH.194
BRATR 8030 HIGH.194


5-axis machining centre BRATR is designed for milling and trimming of composites, plastics, honeycomb and polystyrene. Exceptional motion dynamics and accuracies ensure suitability for the most demanding machining and cutting operations in automotive, aerospace, marine and patterns & moulds areas.

Technical parameters

X Axis [mm] 1.500 - 30.000
Y Axis [mm] 3.000 - 5.000
Z Axis [mm] 800 - 2.500
Max. speed XYZ [m/min] 80│80│80
Spindle output [kW] 12 - 25
Torque [Nm] 15,3 - 22,5
Tool holder HSK F63, HSK A63
Control system Siemens, Heidenhain
Positioning accuracy XYZ [mm/m] ± 0,02 (0,035)
Repeatability [mm/m] ± 0,01 (0,015)

Fields of application

Trimming final
Trimming final

Honeycomb trimming

For high-quality 5X trimming of honeycombs we offer special ultrasonic head with double-sided blades or with special cutting disc. The clamping of ultrasonic head is fully automatic and it can be combined with automatic change for conventional tools. Calibration of the blade position is performed with a laser tool probe.


Probes, measurement and alignment

The machine can be supplied with a tool probe (measures the length and diameter of the tool) and with a workpiece probe (measures and sets the workpiece). They support the user and help to reduce non-productive time. Probes offer many pre-prepared cycles, for example cycle for automatic measurement of the workpiece after the clamping, cycle for the adjustment before the start of machining, cycle for the determination of the zero point, cycle for measuring tools or cycle for final measurement of machined parts.


Dust suction hood

For exhausting particles of dust and small light chips the machine can be equipped with dust suction hood. By using automatically movable telescopic flange that allows the automatic exchange of the tool. On demand can be the machine delivered with standard or ATEX suction unit, which is automatically controlled by the control system.




Protection of linear guides in all axes is ensured by bellows. For trimming and machining of dust-producing materials it is possible to select complete ceiling covering by a roller shutter system, which eliminates dust spreading from the working space of the machine.