BRAY CNC Machining Centres® are designed for machining aluminium alloys, composites, plastics, honeycombs and other materials, regardless of workpiece size. The machines are used in the production of moulds, models, prototypes in the automotive and aerospace industries, the construction of rolling stock, and wherever precise machining of large shaped parts is required. The entire offered portfolio of machines, which is clearly and comprehensively marked (XL, L, M, S), covers the needs of machining from the smallest workpieces to complex-shaped parts exceeding tens of meters of length. In addition to the basic type series and options, the machines are modified to meet the specific needs of end customers. BRAY machining centres offer the customer the right technical and economical solution at the highest level of precision.



Company foundation
Manufacture of the first 5-axis CNC centre.
Launch of the first series of the BRAL 5-axis gantry-type centre.
Launch of the BRAXL double-gantry CNC centre, representing the highest performance series of 5-axis machining centres.
Extension of the offer by hybrid technologies to other types of progressive material machining (automated fiber placement, ultrasonic cutting, FSW).
Launch of a new product on the market - UBRA LX6020 fiber laser.
Launch of new BRAM compact portal machining centres.
Founding of TOOL TRADE s. r. o. as an exclusive sales agent for the products of BRAY, UBRA series.